Mosquitos and ticks

Mosquitos and ticks1 Family Mosquito and Tick Treatments are $95 with a seasonal contract. Treatments are done approx. every 21 days. This covers up to 1/2 acre.  Larger properties and 1 time special event treatments will require an estimate. Please call for details.

Where do you spray for mosquitoes?
Bushes, pine trees, foundation, under decks, tall grass, where mosquitoes live and breed.

Where do you spray for ticks?
Wherever the grass is mowed. Leaf piles or brush and around bushes where ticks harbor.

Can I get just ticks or just mosquitoes?
Unfortunately, no. These treatments are very similar and are a package deal.

Why do I have to sign a contract?
Mosquito and tick treatments fall under a different NYS DEC certification and are required by NYS Law. The contract may be cancelled by you at anytime. Please at least 48 hrs before next service.

Why do you need to treat every 21 days?
Bee Prevention treatment is only done once a year. Pesticide will not last as long on plants and grass.Bee spray is mostly protected from the weather. Also, mosquito life cycle is approximately 2-3 weeks.

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