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BEE Prevention Program

Wasps, Yellow Jackets, and Hornets.
Stinging insects in and around your home can threaten the safety and comfort of your family. The best solution to stinging insects is our guaranteed Bee Prevention Program. Our technicians will treat any potential nesting sites including overhangs, shutters, decks and sheds to prevent new nests from being built.

This service is GUARANTEED until the first snowfall. If new nests form on your home we will return and treat them at no charge. 

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Details about our Bee Prevention Program.

  1. Bee Prevention Service will not prevent bees from flying through your yard.
  2. Swing sets, mailboxes, basketball hoops, above ground pool perimeters, and other special requests can be treated at no extra charge but are not guaranteed.
  3. Trees, shrubs and lawns are excluded.
  4. Our service includes Carpenter Bees at no extra charge. For info on Carpenter Bees click here.
  5. Window cleaning may be necessary after our service.
  6. Painting, staining or pressure washing your home or deck after service will void the guarantee.
  7. Standard service applies to homes under 3,000 square feet. Larger homes, commercial buildings, and apartment complexes will require an estimate.
  8. Call for details on group and neighborhood discounts.

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